Strategic Plan

STRATEGIC PLAN 2019 (Three-Year Plan)

Mission: To advance the practice of corporate real estate through professional development and networking opportunities

Vision: To be the Essential Hub for Corporate Real Estate Professionals.

Overall Plan Focus:

  • Enhance overall chapter engagement and experience with end users, service providers, sponsors, economic developers, young leaders, and students.
  • Provide a variety of educational program content, networking events, professional development and community outreach opportunities.
  • Increase participation, recognition and conversation within our CoreNet community that will bring together diverse viewpoints that respond to the accelerated rate of change in the corporate real estate industry.
  • Continue to build a strong bench and succession plan for our board and committees.

Committee Breakdown


  • Develop a new innovative marketing process to promote organization, benefits, andprograms/events to existing members, prospective members, and industry publication/PR firms (shared goal).
  • Partner with external marketing/PR firms for our key programs/events.
  • Identify new CoreNet marketing giveaways for programs, university outreach, roadshows, etc.


  • Engage at least 25% of our membership in volunteer events and partner programs.
  • Leverage our chapter member organizations to support internships, projects and programs.
  • Add 3 new qualified partners serving needs in our community.
  • Establish a fundraising capability that supports our partnership growth.


  • Automate annual membership renewals to simplify renewal process.
  • Increase membership from 160 to 200 members over next three years (shared goal).
  • Focus on 15 large end-user groups over the next 3 years.
  • Develop a new innovative marketing approach to promote organization and benefits(shared goal).


  • Host one CoreNet Global educational seminar/event every year.
  • Establish a sustainable end user roundtable (shared goal).
  • Establish a sustainable past president advisory group (shared goal).
  • Engage 30 mentors/mentees to participate in CoreNet Global’s Mentor Match program.


  • Increase end user attendance target goal with 20% of attendees per/program.
  • Establish a repeatable and automated communication process with IntrinXec and marketing committee (shared goal).
  • Have a formal training/onboarding for committee protocols stored on website.
  • Develop a process to live-stream/virtual attendance option at programs.


  • Goal is to increase sponsorship revenues by $5,000 each year through a combination of more sponsors, and also higher-level sponsors.
  • Continue to provide value to our sponsors.


  • Expand university outreach from 1 university to 5 universities within Midwest region (Greater MN, WI, IA, Dakotas).
  • Increase student membership from 0 students to 10 students over next three years.
  • Establish a sustainable CRE scholarship program that provides two annual student scholarships for his/her education.
  • Assist students to submit one University Challenge submission each year.
  • Create an annual student reception tied to one of our fall monthly programs where members sponsor/mentor students for the day.


  • Focus on having fun and a continued connection point for young professionals.
  • Have 5 Young Leaders enrolled in a CoreNet Global professional designation (QPCR, MCR).
  • Increase Young Leader membership by 25%.
  • Establish a sustainable Young Leader scholarship program that provides two annual QPCR scholarships (shared goal).